Our River Prayer

Thank you God for our country, our land,
Blessed with mountains with lush forest stands,
Dissected by rivers, wide and clear,
Which nourish our people, far and near.
We thank you Lord, for these gifts you gave,
From the deep North Coast waters to our mountain caves.

We ask forgiveness God, with heavy hearts we do,
Because we abuse your gifts and throw them away too.
We rip out your trees from where they stand,
To plant concrete instead, in long, straight bands.

Oh God, please forgive me, for we do not understand
That what we do to the waters, comes back to us, and
Water is a blessed gift you have placed in our hands,
To create your kingdom, your land.
These blessed waters are sacred and pure,
They wash away our sins and makes our ills cured.

Help us, your children, to remember each and every day,
How precious this gift is when, on our plants, we spray.
Teach us, O God, to respect the waters we take
Because we ruin your waters with the choices we make.

I have forgotten that the waters that flow in our drain
Are the same waters which will quench our thirst pain
And that our rivers are our major food too
Because they give us vegetables, fish and even manicou.

Thank you Lord for always being there for us.
We are eternally grateful to thee.
And we beg you to continue to bless us
And to bestow wisdom to discern how:
To Be better,
To Live better,
To Love better.

Our watershed.
Our responsibility.
Our future.