Guanapo Water Warriors Results

GCEDO sampling pic

In 2013, GCEDO was the first community group to register with the Adopt A River Programme. They were also the first adopter to complete their project and within the one-year time frame.

Their project was to monitor water quality at four locations along the Guanapo River. The four locations are outlined in the map below.

GCEDO samplings sites 3 GCEDO samplings sites 1 GCEDO samplings sites 2

All the results collected for their samplings are available from this link: GCEDO results

Their results showed that turbidity, dissolved oxygen and orthophosphate concentrations were greater than standards, especially during the wet season. There was also a decrease in the quality of the river from the upper reaches of the river to the lower reaches.

This project facilitated that development of another with The University of the West Indies, which resulted in an ecological assessment of the impact of the Guanapo Landfill on the river. See the University of the West Indies page for further details.