In 2012, WASA embarked on the Adopt a River Programme aimed at:

– Increasing awareness towards water issues in Trinidad and Tobago especially in schools, communities, the public and private sector as well as government agencies; all of whom use our water resources.

– Allows interested parties to adopt a particular river or any part thereof with the aim of improving its status over a 1 year period.

On this page you are introduced to some of our current adopters and can get an idea as to some of the work they have been doing in various watersheds in Trinidad and Tobago.

Categories of Adopters

1. Government Agencies can participate in the Adopt a River programme by providing training and development to both current and perspective adopters. Informational seminars on the resources available to adopters is an excellent place to start.

2. Corporate Entities can participate in the Adopt a River programme through sponsorship activities and monetary donations to any of our NGOs or Community Groups. The development of partnerships with any of these groups is also an option that can be explored.

3. Individuals interested in the Adopt a River programme can partner with existing groups doing work in their area or collaborating with other individuals to form a group of their own.
4. Community Groups consist of registered NGOs, CBOs and Associations. These groups can participate in any of our project areas individually. However, we encourage collaboration with other adopters to create a greater imapct and foster community relations through the programme.

Current Adopters