Rural Intakes and Springs

Rural intakes and springs are small-scaled water supply projects aimed at providing water from river tributaries and springs for small communities of less than 500 people. These springs are usually located close to the community and are created to augment and improve water supply in the area.

Currently, the programme is working very closely with the Water Resources Agency to investigate new water supply sources across the country. Three of these projects have been approved so far:

  • Spring development in Mundo Nuevo which will see benefit to 250 persons in the area,
  • Improvements to the Matelot Intake which will see improvement in water supply to 350 persons in the area, and
  • Improvements to the Brasso Seco Intake which will benefit 300 persons in the area.

At the completion of these projects by the end of 2018, 900 persons will see benefits from improved water supply.