Spoken word

Adopt a River

by Mrs. Katrina Khan-Roberts, Caribbean Youth Environment Network Trinidad and Tobago Chapter

The watershed, a catchment, where the waters collect,
At the centre is the river, a landform we must protect,
They begin as tributaries that trickle down the slopes,
Purest liquid life, filled with all our hopes.

The streams converge and feed into the river,
A giant force with much to deliver
Moving steadily they shape the land,
Milling rocks into gravel then sand.

Rivers transport organisms, animal and plant,
Nutrients and support it will freely grant.
They carry it all, dissolved or suspended,
With huge energy ploughing meanders as intended.

Then they empty their contents into lake or sea,
Depositing their cargo at the river mouth generously.
A vital organ in the system of the earth
We must remember their vast worth.

They provide fresh water, food and employment,
From fishing to farming, sanitation to enjoyment.
Yet we take for granted their services and value
We pollute and divert, dam and devalue

Our rivers shape our way of life,
From a lime to religion, an escape from strife,
We can not quantify the price we could pay
To replace river resources, so protect them, adopt a river today.