Dorcas Women’s Group

Dorcas Women’s Group, founded in 2008 is a local group located on the north coast of Trinidad, in the Matelot area. It comprises of a group of rural women dedicated to their community, with a focus on senior citizens and youth. Their aim is to promote interest and welfare of community through fostering spiritual, cultural, recreational, educational, social and environmental activities.

In 2009, the group decided to maintain and beautify the Matelot river bank and river reserve. It is their hope that their efforts will enhance the overall image of the area and offer a location for recreational activities; making Matelot a more recognized village on the North Coast.

Through their participation in the Adopt a River program they aim to utilize and maintain natural resources to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors to the area. Through the program the Dorcas Women’s group plans to conduct sanitation and beautification activities such as tree planting and other landscaping activities. They aim to promote awareness of the need for better care of the Matelot river bank through education and training for members of the community in the form of lectures, workshops and collaborations with other adopters.