AAR Publications

Results of Water Quality Assessment and Socio-Economic Survey for Guanapo By Dr. Sharda Surujdeo-Maharaj

Event Summary: Adopt A River Conference 2017

The Cashew Gardens Community Council Recycling Programme December 2017 Report

The Adopt A River Programme as a vehicle for progressing Integrated Water Resources Management in Trinidad and Tobago

Wha yuh know bout water? A basic survey of water perception in Trinidad and Tobago
As part of the Adopt A River Project Development Process, a knowledge based survey was conducted in nine (9) community meetings and public education events across the country. This survey aimed at collecting information on the basic understanding of nationals of water and rivers in Trinidad and Tobago.Wha you know bout water – 19 January 2017

IWRM working in Trinidad and Tobago. An analysis of the Adopt A River Programme

The Impact of the Contaminants Produced by the Guanapo Landfill on the Surrounding Environment – 2016

Chemical characterisation of the water resources in the Heights of Guanapo Trinidad: science and the social context