Caribbean Bottlers

The Caribbean Bottlers Limited recently partnered with the Adopt A River Programme to implement the following:

  • To assist the community council in Caura to establish a recycling programme to address the issue of solid waste pollution at the recreation sites;
  • To support tree-planting/reforestation exercises across the country,
  • To facilitate regular clean-up exercises in local rivers,
  • To support community and secondary school outreach in Tacarigua and other communities.

Since signing with the Programme, Caribbean Bottlers has completed two (2) clean-up exercises in Caura, Tacarigua. They have also submitted a proposal to Forestry Division, with our support, to implement reforestation activities in Brasso Seco as well as North East Trinidad. This company is an excellent example of corporate social responsibility since they are working diligently to ensure that they contribute positively to environmental restoration.