Social Justice Foundation


The Social Justice Foundation, which was founded in 2008, is a Non-Governmental Organisation aimed at working with youths from rural areas, teaching them skills in photography, videography and film production. Their guiding principle is “Creating equality through training of vulnerable at risk youth in rural communities in communication technologies”.

Bearing this principle in mind, they have registered with the Adopt A River Programme to use environmental issues as the theme for teaching videography and film production in two communities – Coora and Carlsen Field.  They have chosen to adopt the Coora River in Siparia and Caparo River in Carlsen Field. Their aim is to develop eco-leaders who will help raise awareness of environmental issues and impact on the rural communities of Siparia and Carlsen Field. It is the hope that they are able to awaken environmental awareness and activism in youth from rural communities.

The Social Justice Foundation youths will embark on a water quality monitoring programme in Coora and Carlsen Field where they will film themselves collecting and testing the water for one year. This material will then be used to produce video material which will be used to educate youths from other areas, as well as the wider public, on the issue of human impacts on water quality.

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