Anse Fromager Ecological and Environmental Protection Organization


anse formage

Anse Fromager Ecological and Environmental Protection Organization (AFEEPO) is a community based group founded in 2006 in Courland, Tobago. Their primary objective is to address the degradation occurring within the Courland watershed and provide an avenue for social integration. The group has been involved in many issues which they have resolved through public education and awareness.

Anse Fromager has adopted the Courland River and has plans to engage all stakeholders (namely households, schools, businesses, Tobago House of Assembly, Forestry Division, Fire Services Division, Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and NGOs) in the rehabilitation of the watershed. Their overall aim is to create awareness of the impact of deliberately set fries and to sensitize communities of the current litter problem in the watershed, as well as to disseminate information on the Litter Act.

In order to successfully carry out “The Courland Enhancement Project”, AFEEPO aims to undertake re-vegetation, water quality monitoring, clean ups, public education/awareness and community based projects. The group also has plans to carryout policing of the watershed to ensure it remains free of litter and to conduct fire tracing, fire watch and firefighting activities to minimize the effects of bush fires.