Community participation in clean-up and reforestation programs

Has there been an increase in the number of persons who attend clean-up and reforestation activities? Or, has there been a regular team that participates in these activities?

Have these activities been regular (once every 2-3 months) or adhoc?

Is the community able to organize their own clean-up and reforestation activities?

Have community members volunteered to monitor and upkeep planted trees between AAR events?

Is there less refuse or effluent released in the river?


Public awareness and consciousness

Are citizens more aware of the impacts of pollution on their environment?

Do they understand terms such as deforestation or eutrophication?

Are there more people using the river for recreation or religious purposes?

Do they practice more environmentally conscious practices e.g. walk with garbage bags, ensure they take away their refuse, not cut down important riparian vegetation, not interfere with or kill indigenous organisms?

Do they encourage their children and friends in more environmentally conscious practices?

Have communities worked together or individually to improve their wastewater production?

Has the volume of wastewater produced in a community reduced somewhat?

Do the members of the community reuse their greywater?

Do they reuse their greywater within their individual homes?

Do they reuse their greywater as a community? (and as such, has the volume of wastewater to rivers been reduced?

Do community members collect rainwater to reduce surface runoff which may lead to flooding?


Water quality 

Has the water quality improved in the river?

Is the water column clear?

Is there still debris in the water?

Has there been an improvement in the water quality e.g. water is no longer turbid?

Has less garbage and refuse been collected at rivers over time?

Is there an increase in the following:

The natural riparian vegetation of the river?

The number of fish, crab or prawn species noted in the river?


Cost/Benefit analysis

Has WASA been using less chemicals to treat the water?

Have there been less incidences of plant shutdowns due to poor water quality?

Has WASA’s production values increased due to improved water quality?