Balmain Presbyterian School

In 2016, Balmain Presbyterian School became the first primary school to register with the Programme. They partnered with the programme to host an art, dance/song, poetry/story-telling competition on the theme of water. The students had one full term to prepare their pieces with the advice and assistance of their teachers. There will be three (3) levels of competition within each of the category:

  • Ages 5-7 (Infants)
  • Ages 8-10 (Juniors)
  • Greater than 10 (Seniors).

On the 4th July 2016, the Programme hosted the competition at the school. In attendance were the students, staff and parents of the children, which accounted for approximately 500 people. The competition had 27 contestants in total and was judged by staff of the WRA, the Balmain Presbyterian School and a specially invited judge from the University of the Trinidad and Tobago.

Most of the students performed poems, with a few song and dances. Ozzy, the WASA mascot, made a special appearance which the students thoroughly enjoyed.

Since 2016, the school has also established a recycling programme with the Programme. The school was gifted recycling bins and now, recycle plastics and cans.