Caribbean Youth Environment Network – Trinidad and Tobago Chapter (CYEN-T&T)

The Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) is a regional non-profit organization which has a diverse cadre of young committed professionals across 18 Caribbean countries who have been working together to achieve sustainable development and empowerment of youth. The CYEN was established in 1993 and has done considerable work in the areas of climate change, biodiversity, water, sustainable land management and marine and coastal issues.

The Trinidad and Tobago Chapter has decided to become Adopters in the Arima Watershed in Trinidad and the Courland Watershed in Tobago. Through their project they hope to bring about a change in behaviour as it relates to everyday activities, engraining in the minds of children the importance of conserving water and protecting our natural resources. CYEN intends to highlight the connections between various aspects of the environment and how little actions can make big changes both positive and negative.

Through participation in the Adopt a River program the CYEN intend to embark on several activities such as a School Caravan, Field Trips through the watershed area as well as a social media campaign geared toward youths.  The group plans to foster interactions with schools at the kindergarten, primary and secondary levels, utilizing tools such as plays and skits, to get students to actively participate. It is their goal to video document all the activities done under the Adopt a River program, including interviews and surveys, clean-up projects and public education to ultimately produce 3 videos about the importance of conserving our water supply and proper watershed practices that can be shared with various audiences.

Footage for the videos will be based on the activities conducted by the CYEN doing work in both Trinidad and Tobago. The Tobago chapter has taken their efforts further by engaging in a Reforestation and Water Quality Monitoring Project within the Courland Watershed; they also hope to partner with other fellow adopters doing work in the watershed to maximize their overall effort.

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