1. Choose a river.
  2. Identify the issues in the river.
  3. Choose your projects or create one from within the following headings:
    1. Education – schools visits, lectures, outreach programmes, television and radio advertisements, websites, employee initiatives
    2. Reforestation and rehabilitation exercises
    3. Clean-up programmes
    4. Water monitoring programmes – community or school-based monitoring.
    5. School participation and competition – tree planting exercises, school water conservation competitions, water camps
    6. Community-based projects – Community-based clean-up projects and groups, community based water quality monitoring and Best Kept Competitions
    7. Employee Initiatives
  4. Meet with the Adopt A River Secretariat – Water Resources Agency.
  5. Register with the Adopt A River programme.
  6. Sign the Adopt A River contract.
  7. Identify stakeholders – from the area and from government or other sectors. This will be through the Adopt A River Secretariat.
  8. Hold community meeting to discuss project.
  9. Prepare full project proposal.
  10. Submit to the Adopt A River Committee for ratification.
  11. Perform appraisal and submission of final report.