Water Warriors

Residents of Guanapo participate in the Water Quality Training Programme

Water Warriors training programme is a public education initiative under the Adopt A River programme developed with the aim of sensitizing communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago on the importance of water, the impact of human activities on the resource and the different ways individuals can contribute to the long term conservation and preservation of this vital resource.

The programme is designed to provide formal training to chosen community members who will act as Water Warriors for the Authority. These stewards will be responsible for sharing information and sensitizing their individual communities on the information learned through the training sessions. Potential stewards should exhibit a keen interest in improving the quality of lives of themselves and their neighbors through the provision of improved water systems as well as hygiene and sanitation practices.

The Water Warriors training programme consists of both theoretical and practical components. It will cover work in the fields of water management, environmental conservation, health literacy and communication skills. The course will be broken up into three (3) separate modules.

Module 1: Watershed Management

  • The hydrological Cycle
  • Water & its importance
  • The impact of man on the resource
  • Integrated Water Resource Management Concepts
  • Local Water Legislation

Module 2: Water Harnessing & Management, Water & Wastewater Systems

  • Water & Sanitation Issues & Systems
  • Water Treatment
  • Safe water collection, handling & storage
  • Water & Wastewater Systems

Module 3: Effective Communication for Community Outreach

  • Effective Writing & Speaking
  • Information gathering & sharing
  • Development & delivery of presentations to various audiences

For information on the watershed in which training has been completed and for data collected within these watersheds, please go to Completed Water Warriors Training Programme